A Leak in the Party Room
Meera Palia

October & November 2023

A Leak in the Party Room is an exhibition of spontaneous, expressive ‘outpourings’ by self-taught abstract expressionist painter Meera Palia, shaped by experiences of grief, change, perimenopausal mayhem and a love of music and dance. With a deep appreciation for raw and improvised art forms, Meera aims for the painting equivalent of a jazz jam, prioritising the energy, authenticity and process of free mark-making over achieving a polished composition or choreographed act. This accessible window-based exhibition is a celebration of, and warm invitation to consider the vulnerability, therapeutic value and empowerment contained in the act of painting without a defined outcome in mind, with all the imperfections, uncertainty and
surprises that can occur when you don’t have a plan and remain open to change.

Meera is a member of All She Makes (curated online directory for women creatives worldwide). She is an emerging artist who has exhibited in group shows and events like The Other Art Fair in London and in 2023 had her first solo exhibition Surprise Aquarium at Willesden Gallery. Having recently moved to Margate, this will be Meera’s first time sharing a collection of her work with her new local community.


Wednesday Love Stories by Meera Palia